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Customer Communications Management

The dynamics of digitisation enables us to develop challenging market developments in the field of customer communication. The Customer Communications Management (CCM) technologies started 30 years ago as a mix of transactional print-oriented communication and separate marketing communication. CCM is currently a leader in technical platforms and applications for designing, managing and delivering targeted customer communications via a number of interactive channels, including mobile, e-mail, SMS, internet, social media, print and more.

CCM software enables organisations to design both on-demand and large volume personalised communication such as letters, invoices, statements, policies, contracts, and customer correspondence from one centralised platform.

Your possible strategic goals

Is your aim also to improve operational efficiency? Make the customer experience stronger? Reducing costs? And to distinguish yourself from the competition through CCM?

If so, we would like to talk to you here at Eclipse.

Leave your contact details here and we will contact you.

Eclipse helps you with the following solutions:

The Eclipse CCM Solutions help your organisation communicate better. We develop, build, integrate and manage CCM platforms for your organisation.

Our partner Quadient, with their CCM Solution Quadient Inspire ™, is the market leader in Customer Communication Management solutions. It is the leading software that allows us to effortlessly develop, build, integrate and manage your customer communication platform, resulting in valuable and profitable customer relationships.


  • Communicate with a single design via all channels
  • Your customer experiences consistency in brand, message and channel
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Effortless compliance with rules and legislation

Customer Experience Management

It is about the experience of the customer nowadays. It is no longer purely about the products and services you provide, but about how the customer experiences them in this new digital world. During the customer journey, your customers come into contact with your organisation at different times, these needs can vary from moment to moment and from different channels. At those precise moments, which are important to the customer, you must meet their expectation and add value at the same time. This is the crucial moment for the customer experience. If this is positive, the customer will commit to your organisation with the result that the ‘share of wallet’ or customer satisfaction grows. The customer is currently willing to make a larger share of their total spending with your organisation.

The common thread of your customer experience

Perfecting that customer experience and its common thread is Customer Experience Management (CXM). It concerns the optimisation of the desired customer experience. CXM maps the ‘customer touchpoints’. Does the customer go through the right experience? Do you meet the expectations of your customers at those crucial moments and at the same time add value to your products or services?

For answers to these questions, we would like to talk to you here at Eclipse. Leave your contact details here and we will contact you.

Eclipse helps you with the following solutions:

The Eclipse CXM solutions help your organisation to technologically optimise the desired customer experience. Through customer journey mapping, cross-channel communication and detailed personalised messages, your organisation builds more customer loyalty and retention.


  • Better engagement
  • More brand ambassadors
  • More up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Privacy and the GDPR

Is the privacy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation?

Finding the right balance between using personal data and protecting privacy is one of the biggest challenges in the current digital era we are in. All organisations within the EU that process personal data are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), internationally known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR requires that institutions that process personal data must be able to show that they can handle this carefully. Consumers can also ask for their data to be viewed or removed.

Have you already considered the consequences of the GDPR? Are you familiar with the technical possibilities that are available to make the GDPR easier to comply with?

For answers to these questions, we would like to talk to you here at Eclipse. Leave your contact details here and we will contact you.

Eclipse helps you with the following solutions:

Your digital FG Assistant

The digital FG assistant is a software robot that determines where all privacy sensitive data are in your post/business systems, applications and other databases, but also who has access to this data. A lot of manual work is taken care of by smart software robots.

Customer Due Diligence

By using our solution, we distinguish ourselves through the high-precision matching engine. All-important checks must be carried out periodically for (a part of) the database or databases, and false reports (records that are incorrectly regarded as suspicious) must be excluded.

That is why we use a Quadient matching engine that is based on a combination of probabilistic and deterministic principles. This allows the Customer to recognise Due Diligence software patterns and similarities as the human brain does. The number of false reports is therefore extremely low and post processing is kept to a minimum.

Application Management (24×7)

Increase your efficiency & save costs

Our services in the field of Application Management cover the entire management domain: from functional to technical application management.

Your core business is important to you, you want to be able to focus on that and not with the application management. Understandably, your business operation comes first. Distribute your application management to Eclipse. This increases your own efficiency, while also saving on costs.

There are various reasons for outsourcing your application management. Because, for example, you do not have sufficient IT capacity to continually innovate. Or maybe you want more of an overview with a monthly clear account. Whatever your motive is, you are looking for a reliable partner that can meet all of your expectations. Eclipse is that partner.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an innovative development that enables companies to further digitise their processes, without the need to adapt to ICT systems. The software logs into the systems, simulates the keyboard and mouse input and reads information from the screens. Software robots simply take routine work off your employees.

Are you looking for RPA solutions and the use of a digital workforce?

  • RPA reduces your costs, reduces errors, increases your speed of action, and makes processes transparent
  • Software robots can be configured in a few days and, if necessary, adjusted in a few hours if your situation changes
  • Eclipse helps you with knowledge and expertise to take the first steps forward with a digital workforce

The ready-to-use RPA solutions from Eclipse helps your organisation operate more efficiently with focus on business operations & compliance. Are your processes rule-based and workflow driven? Then chances are that software robots (the digital FG assistant) can help you further with the digital transformation and compliance with the legislation and regulations of the GDPR.

Database Management

Data quality is essential for your campaigns

Due to the increased digitisation, enormous data growth is taking place. Our data services help ensure the quality of that large amount of data.

To perform efficient campaigns, data quality is essential. Data collection, database construction and management, control and reporting, clean-up, conversion, standardisation and bounce management are part of our data services.

Incoming data from various sources are stored in a central database. This is followed by the necessary checks and optimisations. The result is used in the further process or delivered back to the client.

Data exchange can take place via any desired format or protocol. We always work with secure connections and in full compliance with the security and compliance guidelines of your organisation.

Workflow Management

Workflow management improves the workflows of an organisation. But what exactly does this mean and how can your company benefit from this?

A workflow can be described as ‘shifting’ a document piece by piece, task or work activity into a predefined business process (S.L.A. In a workflow, several people are usually involved and it is clear which processes influence each other on the basis of certain rules, roles or routes.

Workflow management, together with version management, forms an important part of most document management systems. Access control, for example, is an important functionality that can be grouped under workflow management.


  • The chance of errors during the ‘journey’ of the document is therefore reduced
  • At any moment it is clear what the next step of the document process is
  • The chance that a document will be left behind and will not flow through the process will become smaller (Closed Loop)

Another important advantage is that the flow of the document can be controlled, even reduced if necessary

Customer Journey Mapping

Makes the customer journey clear, in which phase the customer is and ultimately how they should be approached

Customer Journey Mapping is a method to experience a purchase process or service from the customer’s perspective. It provides insight into all ‘customer touchpoints’ and at the same time through which channel. The latter makes it a powerful tool immediately because of many different channels that are often used interchangeably. Customer Journey Mapping brings these defects to light, resulting in a better customer journey and a more profitable customer relationship.


  • Insight into synergy between channels
  • Better customer experience
  • Signalling up-sell and cross-sell possibilities
  • End-to-end (re)designing customer processes
  • The employees of the organisation experience the perspective of the customer
  • Clearly displayed visually

Omni-channel Products

All your customer interaction available for each channel on each device

Your customers expect you to communicate with them as they wish. Via e-mail, on a smartphone or on a tablet or a pdf in the customer’s own secure environment.

We make sure that your customer always has access to the same document wherever they may be. And because we can manage the content and version of the document for you from a central environment, you can be confident that the document that you want is always available.

  • Customer portal, app’s
  • Onboarding web pages
  • Print, e-mail, fax, SMS services
  • Backoffice portal
  • Personal videos
  • Digital signature
  • e-Payment products
  • Real-time video, audio, chat and co-browsing support

Document Distribution

Secure document distribution in the desired format and via the right channel

This technique not only enables you to generate personalised documents, but also to send them in the desired manner via the right channel. If desired, the document is first converted and in the generation a specific channel layout applied such as e-mails, letters, pdf files and/or text messages. Because of the automated document distribution it accelerates business processes and increases flexibility.

With a clear channel strategy you do not only define what the primary or secondary communication channel is. Closed loop prevents miscommunication and ensures that your message has been received. The channel strategy allows you to determine which combination of channels is enabled when there is no response to your communication message.

In addition to the selection between the desired format and the channel, other options are also possible. Digitisation allows us to offer explanations through personalised video. Support through video, audio, chat, co-browsing and finally a digital signature as confirmation.

Digital Signature

Flexibility and Compliance in one solution.

The Digital Signatures of Eclipse are advanced, secure electronic signatures and are available in different levels of authentication and validation. You can use them to comply with the strictest laws and regulations, because they offer the highest levels of security over the identity of a signer and the authenticity of the documents they sign.

Eclipse’s digital signature is eIDAS compliant and offers everything you need to meet a range of signing authentication and document validation requirements. A standard electronic signature is sufficient for most transactions. The verification can be performed on the basis of one or more factors such as an e-mail, text message or password. Other transactions require more sophisticated forms of verification. When you use digital signatures, each signer is assigned a certificate-based digital ID by a trusted certification authority (CA) and the signature is supported by PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology.

For more information click here!

Digitale Signature

BI Dashboard & Reporting

Relevant information at every level within your organisation

We present the data from your communication processes in clear visual reports. In this way, decision-makers at all levels have insight into relevant information. Anytime, anyplace, and via any device. This allows you to control and influence your communication processes more easily.

We make the connection with data from different databases inside and outside your organisation. And collect all your data for you in one place, so that you no longer have to search manually for the input you need.

Keep the reports that are useful to you as part of your personal dashboard, and share reports that are relevant to others. In this way you enable all decision-makers within your organisation to decide faster and better on the basis of management information.

Ernst & Young Advisory

One company, one Advisory practice

We operate as the globally most integrated consulting practice, based on a methodology that we apply all over the world. Thanks to our structure, we can quickly mobilise our employees and deploy them on projects at the right time and in the right location.

Our sector-oriented approach and global coverage enable us to help clients around the world manage risk, improve performance and ensure results.

We will help you to improve your business performance

Some consultancies only think about business strategies and some other agencies only use physical technology. Our Advisory services help you to take company-wide, result-oriented initiatives. With our support, strategy becomes reality.


‘CX is the new battleground for business and understanding customers and the current state of their experience throughout the customer journey is critical to an organisation’s success’

Quadient – formerly known as GMC – is a subsidiary of Neopost. The technological Quadient portfolio enables organisations to create better experiences for their customers through timely, optimised, contextual, highly individualised and accurate communication for all channels.

With Quadient software solutions we bring and activate a complete customer experience.

Quadient supports thousands of customers – together with its partners – in the financial services and insurance sectors in their search for optimal customer experience via mobile, digital, social media and printing technologies.

Eclipse is ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified

ISO 27001 is the ISO standard for information security. This international standard applies to all types of organisations – commercial enterprises, government authorities and non-profit organisations. The standard sets clear requirements for establishing, implementing, carrying out, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The standard specifies requirements for the implementation of security measures that are adapted to the needs of individual organisations or parts thereof. The ISMS is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate security measures – which protect the information and provide confidence to stakeholders.


The Eclipse solutions are designed in such a way that they can quickly respond to compliance with applicable codes of conduct or new legislation and regulations. In order to guarantee compliance with applicable rules of conduct, legislation and regulations within our organisation for our clients, we help in this process. Some examples are GDPR and MiFID II.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As of the 25th of May 2018 the European Commission (EC) maintains the GDPR. From this date all existing regulations in the EU have been centralised and adapted to the digital age. Do your systems and processes meet the GDPR requirements?

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II)

As of the 3rd of January 2018, the AFM maintains the MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). MiFID II is a revision of the MiFID directive introduced in 2007 and the introduction of the MiFIR regulation.

Electronic Identities And Trust Services (eIDAS)

As per September 29, 2018, the European legislation 910/2014 comes into effect, eIDas. eIDAS stands for ‘Electronic Identities And Trust Services’. With eIDAS, European member states have made agreements to use the same concepts, reliability levels and mutual digital infrastructure.

About Eclipse

Eclipse was founded in 2006 as a marketing service provider, specialized in complex cross-media campaigns.

After taking over some large transactional managed service projects in 2015, the focus shifted more towards managing, supporting and optimizing ongoing processes in the field of transactional communication.

Today Eclipse, strengthened by its partners, is a full service system integrator in customer communication, customer experience and transactional communication solutions.

We strive to make life easier for companies by offering innovative, manageable, reliable and cost-efficient solutions, with the focus on the customer.

In the knowledge that different sectors are influenced by changes in the law and regulations in the field of open-transparent communication, protection on personal information, rationalization of their products, limiting costs and increasing customer value. The ICT component in communication will be extremely important.

employee image
employee image
first employee

Hans van Lith

CEO & Partner

Hans van Lith, active in the communication market for about 25 years. Started his career in the graphics industry and eventually became Managing Director of Moore’s digital printing companies (RR Donnelly) in Europe.

Always with a strong passion for changing marketing and communication technologies. The question of how these should be integrated to meet the needs and expectations of the rapidly changing communication world challenged him.

With these turbulent changes, and a primary focus on new innovations, Hans started Eclipse in 2006. To strengthen this focus even more, the company has been transformed into an ICT system integrator in recent years.

Gijs Le Blanc

CTO & Partner

For Gijs le Blanc, technological innovation is his passion and his life. This combined with a natural resistance to perform repetitive actions; a perfect combination to lead an energetic team of ICT professionals.

After more than 20 years working as an ICT programmer and manager for various operational companies, he saw his dream come true in 2015 by becoming co-founder of Eclipse BCS.

Strengthened by a mixed team of ICT professionals, they do not shy away from any challenge and gladly help companies to implement their communication challenges!

Hans van Lith

CEO & Partner

Hans van Lith, active in the communication market for about 25 years. Started his career in the graphics industry and eventually became Managing Director of Moore’s digital printing companies (RR Donnelly) in Europe.

Always with a strong passion for changing marketing and communication technologies. The question of how these should be integrated to meet the needs and expectations of the rapidly changing communication world challenged him.

With these turbulent changes, and a primary focus on new innovations, Hans started Eclipse in 2006. To strengthen this focus even more, the company has been transformed into an ICT system integrator in recent years.

Eclipse Group